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Swimming Pool Design Lexington, Kentucky

Design vision

The mark of a great Landscape Architect is the measure of their vision.

Select the HOUZZ, Architectural Digest, dwell, and Luxury Pools links above to see more of our work and ideas for your space. For Rick the task of taking a project from the raw earth of the site to a clients grand dream space is his goal and challenge on every project with each client.

Rick and his team can transform your backyard, common area, or extra space into a dream getaway in the comfort of your own property. As a registered Landscape Architect, each of his designs are unique and relevant to your site.

Swimming Pool Design Lexington, Kentucky


After becoming a registered Landscape Architect, Rick (Richard Alan Rushing, Jr.) moved to Laguna Beach, California where he worked for a large LA firm where he began specializing in coastal resorts and high end residential projects. After working in California for years Rick moved to Santa Fe, NM where he lived for 5 years, renovating historic buildings and founding his own design-build firm Rushing Design.

In 1992, he moved back to his childhood home of Lexington, KY. Rick's lifelong love of competitive swimming and diving led him toward specializing in swimming pool design and the oversight of construction of "Backyard Resorts."

Landscape Architecture Services Lexington, Kentucky

Landscape Architecture

The ASLA provides an excellent defintion of Landscape Architecture on it's website.

It is a Professional and Licensed Service Profession.

A Landscape Architect must achieve a bachelors degree from an accredited University then pass the ASLA examination as well as to finish a s an intern with a licensed LA and the to maintain continuing education of 18 hours yearly while they practice as a Landscape Architect.

Landscape architects use their technical and artistic talents to plan and design the built environment. They are, in essence, “architects of the land.”